Renewal of CFO&HWA

The combined CFO&HWA order is issued by the Board stipulating validity period. The industries have to obtain renewal of the CFO & HWA order regularly till the life time of the plant.

Application Procedure

Submission of Application:

  • The industries have to apply for renewal of CFO&HWA through online OCMMS.




Site Plan




Process Flow Chart (Diagram)




CA Certificate indicating Fixed Assets




Consent Fee




Compliance report on previous CFO conditions



Consent Fee Calculation




Timelines for issue of orders


Red        :  21 days

Orange  :  14 days

Green    :  07 days


The CFO&HWA applications are scrutinized online in OCMMS to verify that the application is in full form with all required enclosures (as per the check list).


If the application is not complete, it will be returned online to the industry informing the deficiencies in the application.


The industry has to resubmit the application in full form online through OCMMS to the respective Regional Office (RO) of the Board.

Processing of Application:

After receipt of the application in full form from the industry, renewal of CFO&HWA will be issued through online CFO Auto Renewal system (http://tspcb.cgg.gov.in/Pages/Circulars.aspx) by RO/ZO/HO as per delegation of powers.

Delegation of Power :


Validity of CFO Order:

The validity of renewal of CFO&HWA will be for a period of 5 years.