CBIPM Project


1. About the Project

2. Project Documents

       a. GO-PIU-STP

       b. PAD


       d. Project Agreement

       e. State Steering Committee-GO

3. Financial Statements

       a. Audit report 10-11

       b. Audit report 11-12

       c. Audit report 12-13

       d. Audit report 13-14

       e. Audit report 14-15

4. Tender and Notifications

       a. Construction of fences around TFL and Central open area of KIE

       b. Construction Weir on bund of NMK_KIE

       c. Corrigendum for Remediation works of NMK-KIE

       d. Corrigendum to Invitation For Bids for Remediation works of NMK-KIE

       e. NMK Works Advertisement Times of India_26022016

       f. NMK Works Amendment to Bid document

       g. NMK Works Eenadu Advertisement_26022016

       h. Paper Advt. Fence and weir works

       i. Paper Advt._21.01.2015_NMK works vendor conference

       j. Paper Advt-lake studies e-waste in DC

       k. Paper Advt-PMC for NMK STP works

       l. Procurement of Automatic Thermal Desorption Instrument for existing GC-MS/MS

       m. Paper Advt- ATD Bid

5. Civil Works

       a. Refurbishment of Laboratory

              i. Agreement-Refurbishing works

              ii. Publication of Award for Lab refurbishing works

       b. Fences Agreement

       c. Weir Agreement

6. Consultancy Services

       a. Asani Kunta study

              i. Agreement for Asanikunta

              ii. Asani Kunta - Task1 - Report

              iii. Asani Kunta - Task2 - Report

       b. E-waste

              i. Agreement for E-Waste

              ii. E-Waste - Report

       c. Khazipally study

              i.Agreement for Khazipally

              ii. Kazipally Lake_Task 1_Report

              iii. Kazipally Lake_Task 2-Report

       d. Lab Refurbishing

              i. Agreement for consultancy services for Lab refurbishment

              ii. Agreement for PMC for Lab Refurbishment

       e. NMK-KIE

              i. Agreement-Design Consultant for NMK-KIE

              ii. Agreement-NGO consultancy services for NMK site

              iii. ESMP Summary Report - Telugu Version

              iv. Report - ESMP - NMK

              v. Report - Sample Analysis and Assessment of Site Contamination levels_NMK-KIE

              vi. Report - Sampling Protocol

              vii. Report -Preliminary site investigation

       f. STP

              i. Agreement for STP upgradation

              ii. STP-Gap analysis report

              iii. STP Inception report

              iv. STP-Report hydrology and water quality

       g. Inventorization and Characterization of Hazardous Waste

              i. Agreement for inventorization of HW

              ii. Inventorization and Characterization of HW-Report

       h. Impact of Municipal Solid Waste Dumpsites on Environment

              i. Agreement for Impact assessment of MSW dumpsites

              ii. Impact of MSW-Report - Karimnagar

              iii. Impact of MSW-Report - Warangal

7. Goods

       a. Publication of award of contract for lab instruments

       b. Publication of Award for lab equipments finalised

8. Meetings

       a. LCC & GRC

              i. Minutes of LCC GRC meeting 06 MAR 14

              ii. Minutes of LCC GRC meeting 07 SEPT 16

              iii. Minutes of LCC GRC meeting 08 JAN 16

              iv. Minutes of LCC GRC meeting 21 JULY 16

       b. Public Consultation

              i. Minutes of Public Consultation Meeting 27 MARCH 2012

              ii. Minutes of Public Consultation Meeting 27 MARCH 2013

9. Other Links

10. Contact Details

11. Public Grievances