Flow chart

i. Category of the Industry





Exemption of certain industries from obtaining Consents

ii. Siting Guidelines

Industry specific siting guidelines

Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management Facility Siting Guidelines:

Municipality shall identify candidate landfill sites and RDF plants away from present and future habitation clusters, forest areas, water bodies, Airports and places of important cultural, historical or religious interest. Minimum area needed for landfill facilities is 1.5 Sq.mts/ capita (eg. Municipality having population of 1,00,000 needs 15 Hectares of land for landfill facility). The following locational criteria may be kept in mind while selecting candidate landfill sites.

Lakes or Ponds >200 mts.

River > 100 mts.

Highways > 200 mts.

Habitation > 1000 mts.

Public parks > 300 mts.

Airport > 20 kms.

Drinking water supply wells > 500 mts.

Sea coast > 500 mts.


Common Bio Medical Waste Treatment Facility (CBMWTF) Siting Guidelines:


LOCATION:  A CBMWTF shall be located at a place reasonably far away from residential and sensitive area so that it has minimal impact on these areas. The CBMWTF shall be located as near to its area of operation as possible in order to minimize the travel distance in waste collection, thus enhancing its operational flexibility. The location shall be decided in consultation with the State Pollution Control Board (SPCB)/Pollution Control Committee (PCC).

LAND REQUIREMENT:  Sufficient land shall be allocated for CBMWTF to provide all requisite systems. It is felt that a CBMWTF will require minimum of 1 acre land area. So, preferably, a CBMWTF be set up on a plot size of not less than one acre.

COVERAGE AREA OF CBMWTF: In any area, only one CBMWTF may be allowed to cater up to 10,000 beds at the approved rate by the Prescribed Authority. A CBMWTF shall not be allowed to cater healthcare units situated beyond a radius of 150 km. However, in an area where 10,000 beds are not available within a radius of 150 km, another CBMWTF may be allowed to cater the healthcare units situated outside the said 150 km.


iii.   Ban / Restrictions through GOs

GO MS No. 111,  dated: 08.03.1996

GO MS No. 95,  dated : 21.09.2007

GO MS No. 148, dated : 18.12.2000

Restriction of some industries by Board ( Solvent recovery etc)

Restrictions on industries along the Hyderabad ORR


iv.   Timelines for processing applications

Red        :  21 days

Orange  :  14 days

Green : 07 days